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Rules for the guild Empty Rules for the guild

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:51 pm

K, guys rules:

1. Do not ask for excessive amount of gold in guild chat. If you ask for ALOT of gold or ask often it may result in punishment. {See ranking policy for more info}
2. Do not ask for power level, it is acceptable to ask for help leveling or to whisper a person ONCE. If you ask in guild chat you will be punished also if you pm a person constantly after they have said no.
3.Do not cuss, obviously we all probably cuss so this rule is slightly less strict, be courteous about it you wont be punished for cussing unless it is an excessive amount whereas if you just say a cuss word or two it will most likely be over looked
4. Do not in fight guild chat this makes everyone uncomfortable, obviously there is a chance a fight might arise please whisper the one whom you are fighting.

These are it so far but as problems arise we might have to work on em.

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Rules for the guild Empty I have a rule that you could add...

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:07 pm

Part of being in a guild is contributing to the cause. I think if someone is in the guild they should have to help when needed. Correct me if im wrong but your never too noobish to help because i started playing shaiya and instantly joined the guild, 2 days later i was faced with the challenge of getting 2k etin and i had someone help me get to level 25 then i farmed essence of witch all the way to level 29. I think anybody with the intention of helping will find a way, and anyone who doesn't want to help will avoid it. I am always willing to plvl as long as im not helping the guild out so anyone who needs a plvl to get to a high enough level to contribute pm me. (DO NOT ASK ME IN GUILD CHAT BECAUSE THAT IS AGAINST THE RULES)


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