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Quest Items we need to save Empty Quest Items we need to save

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:18 pm

Stole the list from aeria forums but if you have these please dont npc them if you have no use and dont want to sell them the guild would love to have them.

Mount Quest
Amapo Spools- 50
Poizon Linz-30
1 Heart of Criluph (light) (maybe)
1 Ghostwolf's Fur (fury) (maybe)
20 Grapes (called Lans Fruit in the quest)
10 Venom Cure Potion
5 Holy Potion

spirit core need 60 total
dark alliance-
HellTooth Leader down from Aumeros Army Post
seaclad sealakel hunters and guards droped the most for me but got them from anything on the map north of aidion neckria on 2nd map

light alliance-
Rockshovel Goblin Leaders ,Diggers,and Bodyguard
Swordtail Selakel Fighters, Shamans and Disordelies
Swordtail Selakel Fighters, Shamans and Disorderlies
Blackbeards *Slaves, Deckhands, Sword Fighters

need 30 for quest for the level 30 helmet
another 30 for the epic lvl 45 quest. both sides

Rillan x99
vipers in the dusk swamp
can be bought at liquid medicine merchant
epic lvl 45 quest

Mare core need 30
Dark alliance-
The monsters near ruber chaos on the second map.nekisaw goblins on the 3rd map
seaclead sealakel looters
Dragon Dens mobs
Light alliance-
Mobs in the Frost Woods area *Killers, Looters, Golems
quest for level 37 helmet

Adamars stone 20 for the epic lvl 45 quest dark side.40 for light side

dark aliance-
Everything on the 3rd map so far
Aidion dungeon
Light alliance-
Can be found everyone 30+ on Light side Map 3 or Cloron's Lair
Maitreyain beholders

epic lvl 45 quest. both sides

Magic leather 25 dark side 20 light side for the epic lvl 45 quest.
Dark alliance -
arena stronghold laners on 3rd map south west of strong hold
corpsfield steel larva,Bison and Wolves in 1-60 pvp map

light alliance
1-60 PvP Zone north path, Bison and Wolves
Maitreyain beholders
magic leather off of a bulleye(that right?) turtle... rare
epic level 45 quest dark side
epic lvl 45 quest. light side

Gold Abel Gold abel 90 1st map monsters around the cities you start the game in
epic lvl 45 quest. light side
epic level 45 quest dark side

Gold powder 10
Dark alliance-
Getan mine from vipers,beholders, and Kobolds map 3
Aurizen Ruin Gigantic Landers
Light alliance-not needed

level 45 epic quest
Red Crayfish-5 fury

pint cores 30
dark aliance-
everything on 3rd map south of Arena stronghold also
Hecate Elves and the Genetick Nightmares
Fantasmas lair
light alliance
30-40 Areas on Map 3
map 3 drop from the Hecate Elves and the Genetick Nightmares & the succubi
level 44 helmet
Maitrian guard statues and beholders

15 Dark Mages Stone
Northern part of map3
light and dark side
level 50 helmet quest

3 Endure Lapis LV3
light and dark side
level 50 helmet quest

5 hard hammers
light and dark side
level 50 helmet quest

hard mode

5 hard hammers
Cloron Gladiators drop Hard Hammers.
zombies in cornwell zone in map 1

10 spirit essence

20 cactus flowers
dark side
Mutated arachne
mobs in argilla ruin
zombies in cornwell zone in map 1
5 red crayfish is a HM quest for someone at the Yemetis temple on fury side

Silver scissors lv 40 ish HM quest

Magic Silk need 20

repeatable quests at elf npc's
near starfumost and arena stonghold in dark alliance

essence of witch
fury:Araky archanes
Fedion Leopardess Butchers
Dwarves south of Haldeck

Viper heats 20, for lv18 HM Pagan quest, its a quest item, cant farm them until you get the quest

thin meats
keuarijen black leapord,antelope,bison
Willieoseu Big Monkey
bears near the pirate port
Maelstorm Wyverns

dark mages stone
Northern part of map3
light and dark side
also for level 50 helmet quest

broken cores

pint corealso for level 44 helmet quest
lizard hunter and watchers at the start of map 3
golden scissors
All random drops on map npc for the quest is located

Earth Alchemy Powder- quest to get stuff for Guild need 3125 total.
Light- Cornwell Toads, bears/Boars on Plusswhooper Forest mountain tops
Fury -
Big Grinding Teeth Wild Bo...
Bloodsucking Gallus
Crow Swamp Frog
DoomFire HellTooth Fighter
Maned Wild Boar
Mud Dust Bison
Poisoned Beak Gallus
Rough Gray Hair Wolf
Rough Hair Attack Spider
Steel Teeth Gray Wolf
Strong Poison Larva

New Ep3 Repeatable Quest Items. 3 new NPCs in KEO and glitter.

WHO: Sabina
Sparkling Powder 1 dropped by dinos and crocs and turtles
Stable Coar 1 dropped by trolls

REWARD: LVL3 Powerup (unkown)
WHERE: Stable Erde
Deadly Poisoned Essence 1
Desert Essence 1
REWARD: LVL3 Powerup (Unkown)
WHERE: Deep Desert 2

WHO: Vodro
Monster Poison Sting 1
Desert Crystal 1
REWARD: LVL3 Powerup (+12 STR/REC) 10 min
WHERE - Deep Desert 1

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