Locating Mobs; Color of mobs; Items to save

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Locating Mobs; Color of mobs; Items to save

Post  captmimo on Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:32 pm

This is an informal request and more than likely an impossible request yet I find myself asking for myself as well as all who are new. I hesitate, you guys have so much on your plate already to contend with, but, As i am lost in some areas i must ask. Is there anyway possible we could aquire a printable list containing the following information ?

1st/ locations of animals and creatures through out each map to help with acheiving quest for example i still have not found the Long Canine Black Pumas despite the quest information and I have ran around 2 maps forever stopping only to assist others

2nd/What colors are safe to fight for your presnet level example mines 32 war Kh kills me fast at green let alone anything further in but green out of KH i tend to beat
also which colors should we be fighting to acheive max exp as i receive nothing for white.

3rd/As i am a war their are items i should keep and items i dont need which now we have a wharehouse to deposit what it can handle but i remain unsure as to what to keep and what to give up example would i keep potions?

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monster and boss locator

Post  Pipes420 on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:34 pm

Well as far as monster location just copy and post this its a monster locator should make life much easyier for ya


And battling color wise you have to remember the dungons are alot harder than on map.. I would suggest if your gonna be soloing to stick to map

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Re: Locating Mobs; Color of mobs; Items to save

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:36 pm

1. http://www.shaiya.org/tag/monster-location/
This is he best i can do promptly. I will work on turning it into a printable version sometime in the near future, if i forget remind me.

white- No exp super easy to kill
light blue super Small exp gain easy to kill
dark blue Small exp gain easy to kill
green Middle ground decent exp about the same level as you so killable
yellow Semi high exp gain possible to kill
orange Slightly higher exp gain hard to kill
red good exp gain Hard to kill
pink amazing exp gain cant solo
grey No exp gain Impossible to kill

A note on the colors: depending on your class and build you may be ale to kill slightly harder mobs this depends alot on your attack level and Health power/hp so test each mob and find a colo that works for you its trial and error mostly

3. Items that should be kept for quests are listed in a previous post somewhere...
Also save any gear that is slotted (if you dont know what slotted means read the Good to know on lapising)
Pots/ food

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Re: Locating Mobs; Color of mobs; Items to save

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