STATS @_@ Is that like statistics, cause i failed that class ><

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STATS @_@ Is that like statistics, cause i failed that class ><

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STATS. *deep breath* K so this is the epitome of the game, Prepare your self!

K each level depending on your mode you will receive stat points EM 5 stat points NM 5 HM 7 UM 9.

The stats are

Strength(Also Known As Str) - Physical Attack Power, Ranged Attack Power
Rec. Defense(Also Known As Rec) - Physical Defense power, Ranged Defence Power, Total Hitpoints (HP)(The Red Bar.)
Intelligence(Also Known As Int) - Magic Attack Power
Wisdom(Also Known As Wis) - Magic Defensive Power, Magic Hit Rate, Total Magical Power (MP)(The Blue Bar)
Dexterity(Also Known As Dex) - Evasion Rate, Hit Rate, And Stamina (SP)(The Yellow Bar)
Luck- Ranged Attack power,Critical Hit Rate, Maximum Critical Attack Damage.

1 str - 1.3 Attack

1 Rec - 1 Defence, 5hp

1 Int --- 1.3 Magic Attack

1 WIS - 5mp, 1 Resist

1 Dex - 5sp 0.2 Attack

1 Luc - 0.3 Attack 0.2% Crit

K, so Each class has a recommended Build (a build is how much stat point you plan on placing where at each level for example on my UM orc i plan on putting 2 rec and 7 wis each levels so my build is 2rec7wis)
The recommended build:
HM: str 5 dex 2
NM:Str 3 dex 2
HM: str 5 dex 2
NM: Str 3 Dex 2
HM: full rec
NM: Full rec
HM: full int
NM: Full int
HM: full wis
NM: Full wis
HM: str 5 dex 2
NM: str 3 dex 2

These are the most common build but when planning a build you should think about what exactly you want to do with your toon and use the more in depth chart above to set up a build you can be proud of. Careful though always remember that you may have 50 of every stat but its useless if your opponent has 300 int or str etc.

You can increase your stats with gear lapis and accessories.

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