I can't find a party V_V

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I can't find a party V_V Empty I can't find a party V_V

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:53 pm

I can't find a party. First of all this happens ALOT. Learn how to find one, make one or other connung thngs to make your problem disappear.

First step to finding a party is letting people know, If your level 1-15 You can announce your level and class in area chat (~) and follow it with LFP (Looking for party.)

You can do this at any level for the map your on, also past lvl 10 you can type this message in trade.
You may have to type this message many times space it out about 5 minutes before each post. Another good way to find party is to hit G look at any freinds you have and ask if they want to party, then look at the guild list and ask anyone around your level and lastly on the party tab click search for party(This is rearely used by most players.)

The best trick of all to finding a party! Stand outside a dungeon in your level range and ask people also standing around to join party with you, ask everyone personally and you'll have a party in no time!!

Also when ending a good party ask if you can freind the people in party for future reference.

If you cant find a party dont get bummed out some days are better then others.

** Also some party looking language

AR a 10-17 dungeon on map 1 Argrilla Ruins

(Continued on last break)

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