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Post  RubyRose on Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:30 pm

Ok everyone on Thursday 3rd September at 7 pm central time I will be holding my very first guild event. I am very excited about this and I hope everyone who joins in has a lot of fun. The event will be held in the 20-30 pvp dungeon so you will need to have a toon between those levels to participate. For a lot of us this won’t be a problem as a number of us have made GRB toons that are between these levels. The aim of the event will be to farm level 2 lapis a type that I will stipulate by killing mobs in the dungeon. Once you have the lapis in your bag, bring it to me and I will give you a level 3 or if possible a duel lapis that suits your class as a prize. For example I will say return to me with a craft lapis, you go kill, kill, kill until you’ve found one and then return to me for your reward. And perhaps after the event we might even leave the dungeon and go kick some lightie butt. Hope to see you all there.

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