Highest point in the game event!!!!!

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Highest point in the game event!!!!! Empty Highest point in the game event!!!!!

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:34 pm

Hey guys we've talked about so lets make it official. For our next event our ever so helpful tour guide is going to be showing us the highest point in the game/the sky city portal. This event will be done in 1-60 pvp but any of you are welcome regardless of level {can personally atest that i have been in 1-60 at lvl 7} At exactly 11 pm central time on monday night anyone in guild and our three honorary guildies will head off to the portal, we will most likely try and see other 1-60 sites like i will definitely be pointing out medius which is BY FAR the most influential altar in the game, and i would also like to make a run down to flag because the two together earn us etin {GH money.} I also have a few other exciting places in mind. We might also go look at bosses while were at it so get psyched spread the word AND BE ON!!

When: 11 pm central time Monday Night
Where: Raigo castle, map 4, 1-60 pvp, d-water {all the same place btw}
Why: to have some fun with guildies
Ill stop now XD

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Highest point in the game event!!!!! Empty It was freaking awesome

Post  captmimo on Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:35 am

Guy's if you missed it Im sorry for you Im sure will do it again it was great wait till you jump off a bridge totally freaking cool ......see ya next time there....


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