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What to Charge, What to Charge? Empty What to Charge, What to Charge?

Post  Dreadd on Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:40 pm

One of the most common questions I find myself answering in Guild Chat is 'How much can I sell <insert item here> for?' Don't get me wrong, I don't mind answering in the least. But for those of you interested, I will clue you in to how I manage to stay fairly well on top of the prices in Iris. Its really easy to do, and takes very little time. I simply take about 15 minutes every day and do at least one run through Iris to look at prices. I don't go with the intention of buying a single thing, I go just to gauge how much things are selling for. So far, that is the only way I have found to keep track of the every changing economy.

Don't be surprised if you have an item to sell and you can't find anyone in Iris selling another like it. There might be a few reasons for such a predicament. It could be that the item is in high enough demand, such as Resurrection Runes, that they sell out fairly quickly. Or it could be that the item is virtually worthless, such as high level (40+) heroics, and people just sell them to the NPC merchants rather than even worry about putting it in their shop. Or, the best case scenario, you might have an item that is rare enough that you can command your own price when selling it.

When setting up shop, some items sell much better than others. The key to being successful is to keep your prices just a bit below the average, then make a quick announcement on trade chat as soon as you have your shop set up. The high-demand items are dual lapis (most, but not all), level 5 lapis, legendary armor, some dread armor, 1-15 gear with good stats, nearly any AP item, especially standards like KO Nos or Resurrection Runes, low level (below 40) dread gear, etc. One fact to keep in mind: armor almost always sells better than weapons, due to the fact that decent armor drops far less than decent weapons.

This isn't to say that you cannot sell your level 3 craft lapis. You can sell it very easily. The ranked guilds have merchants in the GH that, if upgraded, can sell up to level 3 lapis. If you undercut the cost of the merchant in the GH, you will be able to sell your level 3 lapis easily. The going rate in a GH for a level 3 lapis is 217,000 (roughly), so mark yours around 200k and they should go pretty quick. If you sell 12 of them in one night, that would come out to 2.4 million gold, not a bad haul for one night.

I'm sure I will think of something later to add to this post, but for now, that's it. And if Lyga or NS or anyone else wants to share what they know, or correct a mistake it looks like I have made, feel free to do so.

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What to Charge, What to Charge? Empty Re: What to Charge, What to Charge?

Post  Squeakers on Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:52 pm

adding onto the lapis
200k for lvl 3 lapis is good money, but only if ur patient
not many people buy em for that much so experiment and find a price everyone likes
i usually sell mine for 150k-170k
lowering the price sells quicker so if ur impatient then find a price where ull sell faster and get good profit with it

also ap items u may want to ask bc those r risky products pirat

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